General Visitors

If you are interested in participating in EYU as a visitor, there are no sign-ups or tickets required. This is a FREE event for visitors of all ages and scientific backgrounds. Planetarium tickets, event maps, and passports will be available at the Info Booth from 12-5 PM. Passports completed by finding the special booths before 5PM can be exchanged for a prize!

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If you enjoy teaching and interacting with children, want more outreach experience, or simply would like to help out with this community event, consider volunteering at EYU! All volunteers must sign up for a minimum of 3 hours, and will receive a free T-shirt and lunch. Be sure to commit to your volunteer time after you sign up, as we count each person carefully to make sure all the booths have enough volunteers. Volunteers will be able to select their top three preferences for volunteering at the science booths, planetarium, or organizing tents.

Click here to receive the volunteer sign-up form when it opens on October 10th.


If you have an interesting science topic that could be displayed at an interactive booth, we’d love to have you show it off at EYU! Click here to sign up for a booth.

Please read the following guidelines carefully before you sign up for a booth:

  • Booth leaders must be affiliated with UCLA OR have previously contacted us with your booth idea and qualifications. If you submitted a proposal, you must still fill out the booth application form

  • All booth leaders and volunteers will receive a free T-shirt, water, snacks, and lunch

  • Booth leaders must commit to staying the whole event (12-5PM), as well as contributing to the set-up and take-down of the booth.

  • Booth leaders may elect to either accept general volunteers, or recruit their own volunteers. Leaders are responsible for finding sufficient volunteers for their booth if they do not accept general volunteers.

  • If you signed up as a booth leader, you do not need to sign up again as a volunteer

  • Activities/demonstrations at the booth must be educational to a wide audience about a specific scientific subject

  • Booth leaders must maintain a family-friendly (G-rated) environment in their booth

  • Up to $50 of supplies may be requested for each booth.

  • No food may be distributed

  • May hand out souverniers to attendees, but absolutely no projectiles

  • No items may be sold at the booths

  • One six-foot folding table with 2 chairs will be provided, but additional tables and chairs may be requested

  • One 120-volt power strip will be supplied upon request

  • Strict adherence to safety code stipulated by UCLA Fire Marshall

  • We reserve the right to reject any booth from participating at EYU for any reason